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SASE Workshop Schedule and Calendar

Maedeh Mostofirad

Prior to submitting request in Calendar for any SASE workshop, please review the following Guideline:

1- Please ensure that all requests are submitted on the SASE Calendar at least 4 days prior to the workshop event:


2- We cannot approve requests for more than 30 SASE instances.

3- We are unable to approve any request that would cause the total number of daily requests to exceed 30 instances.

4- Kindly schedule your "Start Time" 12 hours before your actual event. This ensures that all instances will be launched in advance, allowing you time to verify the status of your SASE. Additionally, please set the "Delete after" option for ONE day to prevent deletion during your workshop.

5- Please remember to emphasize the training's purpose and the expected number of attendees in the "Note" section.

6- And Finally,  you'll be able to review your scheduled Workshop session on the Hands-On Lab page:



Thank you in advance
FortiDemo Team