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Frequently Asked Question





Account Registration and Access


How can I get access to FNDN?

Sign up for an FNDN account at https://fndn.fortinet.net/index.php?/register/. You'll need to provide a valid business email and the emails of two Fortinet employees as your sponsors. Access to FNDN will be granted once your request has been reviewed and approved by your sponsors and FNDN admin.  

I would like to register for an FNDN account but do not have any sponsors. What should I do?

All new accounts have to be sponsored by 2 Fortinet employees. Your local Fortinet sales team should be able to sponsor you. If you need a contact from your local sales enablement team please reach out to the Customer Service team at cs@fortinet.com.

I have the approvals by my sponsors but it still says "awaiting approval" when I log in. Is there anything else I need to do to register?

All new accounts have to be reviewed and approved by FNDN admin. Once your account has been approved by both sponsors it should be reviewed by FNDN admin within 1 business day.

I forgot my password and my account is locked. Can you unlock my account please?

Please use the "forgot password" link https://fndn.fortinet.net/index.php?/lostpassword/ to reset the password.




What do you get with an FNDN subscription?

Basic accounts provide free access to documentation and basic tools as well as read-only access to FortiAnswers. An FNDN subscription extends the access to the complete content of the site for an individual user or multiple users. It also includes various product licenses for developing, testing, or deploying Fortinet products. For more details on the different subscriptions offered please see the datasheet https://www.fortinet.com/content/dam/fortinet/assets/data-sheets/Fortinet_Developer_Network.pdf

Where can I find the product licenses included with my subscription? 

Product licenses included with your FNDN subscription can be found in the Support account the subscription is registered under. To learn how to register your subscription, upgrade your FNDN account and where to find the product licenses please see https://video.fortinet.com/latest/upgrading-fndn-account.